How it all started..

Travel has always been an interest of mine, booking all of our family trips and helping my friends with theirs. Then back in 2008 I had to have back surgery and was off work for 3 ½ months and I had a lot of time to think and do research about how to become a Travel Agent. I found a local school with a travel program and started to attend 2 classes per week. I was in heaven. I loved every minute being in a class that had to do with some aspect of travel. Still I wasn’t sure how to start selling travel but these kinds of things always seem to find a way of working themselves out. I returned to my full-time job in Social Work and was talking with a Computer Consultant that I had known for years and I knew he sold travel so I asked if I could set up a meeting with him to talk about becoming a Travel Agent. Well, needless to say here I am! I became a full fledged Travel Consultant in October of 2008.

I have a love for luxury and romance and cruising and resorts can fulfill both those. For me seeing the blue-green waters of the Caribbean, warm breezes, tropical drinks are just the beginning of a wonderful getaway. I want to bring this type of travel to those who crave relaxation with a mixture of fun and romance.

I am a Princess Commodore, a Royal Caribbean Expert, Sandals Specialists,  a Villa Expert, Magic of Mexico Specialist,SuperClubs Specialist and a Starwood Specialist. I continue my education daily by reading trade magazines, webinars and taking online classes that specialize in many areas of travel.

I am a Home Based Travel Consultant so of course my office is in my home but I work with my clients in what ever way is the easiest for them, email, phone, Skype, in person etc.

What I believe is important about being a Travel Consultant is I listen; I take the time to listen to what you are looking for in a unique travel experience. Anyone can “book” travel but it takes some special to really listen to the needs of their clients and help them discover things that they were not even aware of. So many times people will take shortcuts when planning travel to save a few dollars but I can help you maximize your budget and not cut corners on what should be a journey filled with experiences that will have lasting memories. We all work so hard in lives and our time off is so precious. I have learned over the years what I will not comprise on vacation. For me it is the hotel room. I love a nice room with a great view or a cruise with a balcony. These are the little things make me happy so, what makes you happy?

Tanja Rieck

Let us make your travel dreams come true…